May 08, 2019

Bota Box Introduces Premium Bag-in-Box Nighthawk Gold Buttery Chardonnay

Napa, CA May 8, 2019 – Delicato Family Wines announced today the launch of Bota Box® Nighthawk Gold™ Buttery Chardonnay, building on the success of Bota Box’s Nighthawk Black® Red Wine Blend.

Nighthawk Gold continues the momentum of buttery Chardonnays, which are currently trending in the 750ml category, up +48 percent1 and driving total growth for the varietal. Offering consumers unparalleled versatility, Bota Box wine is a leader in the industry’s premium 3-liter bag-in-box segment, the fastest growing in the U.S.

“Our new Nighthawk Gold Buttery Chardonnay was launched in response to the continuing upward trend of full-bodied, buttery Chardonnays and the growth of 3-liter premium boxed wines,” noted Kate McManus, Delicato’s VP Marketing. “We’re excited to add a new Bota Box Nighthawk varietal that over-delivers in quality in addition to the convenience and sustainability that Bota is known for.”

Delicato Family Wines is the number one contributor of revenue growth in the 3-liter premium boxed wine segment driven by Bota Box, which is the number nine overall revenue wine brand in the U.S.2 Produced at Delicato’s Certified Sustainable California winery, each 3-liter box contains the equivalent of four 750ml bottles of wine using state of the art bag-in-box technology that keeps the wine fresh for up to 30 days once it is open. Bota Box packaging is 100% recyclable. The cartons are made from unbleached, post-consumer fiber, printed with VOC-free inks and is bonded with cornstarch instead of synthetic glues.

Bota Box Nighthawk Gold Buttery Chardonnay joins the Nighthawk Tier with Nighthawk Black Red Blend and Nighthawk Black Cabernet, along with the complete Bota Box portfolio of wines. Bota Box Nighthawk Tier labels are available in 3-liter options while the remainder of the line is available in 3-liter and 1.5-liter bag-in-boxes and in convenient 500-milliliter Tetra Pak single servings.

Launched in 2003, Bota Box was created in the spirit of the traditional Spanish wine skin known as a “bota” used to carry wine for centuries. The bota bag gained global popularity in the 1960s and 1970s with hikers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers who wanted to bring wine on adventures without the weight, waste and inconvenience of glass bottles. Bota Box Nighthawk Gold Buttery Chardonnay is available nationwide for a suggested retail selling price of $22.99.

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