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Established in 1924

Delicato Family Wines

Delicato Family Wines offers a portfolio of premium wines from a selection of the most desirable vineyards from notable wine-growing regions in California, Germany, and Chile. The winery harvests grapes from more than 6,000 acres of estate vineyards in California’s Napa, Lodi, Monterey and Sonoma regions to craft wines that express the diversity of these appellations.

A portfolio of distinction


Transcendent Wines represents respected luxury wines from top regions around the world, coming together as a collection in which heritage, innovation and authenticity converge.

Alexander Valley
Black Stallion Cabernet Sauvignon
Escarpment Pinot Noir
Red Wine
Schloss Riesling
F. Keller Pinot Noir
Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier
Mosel Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium
White Blend
Santa Rita Casa Real
Triple C
Bota Box eco-friendly package
Bota Box eco-friendly package
Bota Breeze Pinot Grigio
Bota'Rita Packaging
Noble Vines wine bottle
1924 Cabernet Bottle
Three Finger Jack Cabernet Bottle
Black Stallion bottle
Z Alexander Bottle
Gnarly Head bottle
Relax Riesling bottle
Schmitt Sohne bottle
Pool House Pinot Noir
Santa Rita Cabernet bottle
Mercer bottle
thomas schmitt riesling bottle