Mike Indelicato

Growing up in a big Italian family helped Mike learn about teamwork. As Customer Service for the Western Division, Mike uses these skills to make all of the moving parts work together to get Delicato Family Vineyards into the hands of the people who need them. "You have to work together," he says. "We all bring different talents and skills to our jobs, and I help to find a way for them to complement each other."

Mike's pride in his work is evident. "I see the results of what I do all the time," he says. "Each time I walk into a store and see a bottle of Delicato Family Vineyards wine on the shelf, I know that I had something to do with getting it there."

Mike is a third-generation family member. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business from Chico State. When he's not sending bottles of Delicato Family Vineyards on a journey, he likes to travel.