Jay Indelicato

For someone who grew up with his family's winery as his playground, Jay Indelicato has a surprisingly serious approach to the wine business. 

"Growing up, my cousins and I would play kickball and hide-and-seek in the tank room and build club houses in the vineyard," he recalls. "When we got older we worked there, driving forklifts, welding and repairing winery equipment and making wine. I had some fun, but I was also an employee of the winery at a young age. I learned the business from the inside out."

Jay sees himself as a conservative businessman – the result of watching his family learn its lessons the hard way. "As the third generation of a family that has been doing this for eighty years, I have the benefit of learning from those that came before me," he says. "I spend a lot of my time developing ‘Plan B.’ Delicato Family Vineyards will grow and thrive in an industry notorious for the brutality of its cycles -- I intend to help keep the company and its partners well taken care of."

In addition to Delicato Family Vineyards Board Membership since 1999, Jay is a past Chairman and current member of the Wine Institute’s Board of Directors. He also holds a seat on the American Vineyard Foundation’s Board of Directors, as well as the position of Secretary for the organization. Jay received a Bachelor of Science from the University of the Pacific.